DVD Info

NTSC, Made in USA, English,
On digital television with 480i, it is probably best viewed in widescreen.

Graphic Numbers is Disc 1: ( 38 minutes 46 seconds)
Sound for 3 selections about counting or learning numbers 1-9.
Ten is spoken once in another selection (the first time it appears on the disk).
Addition to sums 2-10

Graphic Addition is Disc 2: ( 1 hour 6 minutes 10 seconds)
Addition to sums 11-18
visuals for understanding double digits
No Sound

Graphic Multiplication is Disc 3: ( 1 hour 2 minutes 41 seconds)
Intended to be a practical useful tool to help someone learn and memorize multiplication
from 0x0 to 10x10
2d visuals to product 50 (Count up to 50 things on the screen.)
No Sound

You can get our three disc set for $17.95.

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