Jectay logo Jectay projectile way - This game comes with 4 pages (2 pages back and front that are 8 1/2" x 11") of instructions. The 4th page is basically repeat material for your reference, and I'm adding 1 more page of instructions to help. That said, the complexity of this game is in between 2 Trading Card Games (the original Pokemon TCG and Magic the Gathering), so I hope this game isn't too complex for you. Jectay is a unique new game to learn. This game has athletes mixed with a few animals, other cards, and fantasy. Also, you can use your imagination.

You can play this game with as many players as you have enough cards for. I say one box is for 2 players, but it is possible to play a certain 3 player game with it if you can agree on how to distribute the cards. If you want to do that, I suggest each player chooses one card at a time in the following order: 1st player, 2nd player, 3rd player, 3rd player, 2nd player, 1st player, 1st player, 2nd player, 3rd player, etc. alternating between 1st and 3rd player starting it like that, until all the cards are chosen. Follow the card requirements when you do that and the game should be fair.

In this game you may have less control over what happens than some other games, but there is still choices to make during gameplay and strategies to have. I argue that makes it more of a game than like war. This game is supposed to be like a competitive sport with a variety of participants and some inanimate things. Participants may have finished taking their turn in the game and so are not out on the field anymore.

1st edition vs 2nd edition
It will not say anywhere on the product whether it is first edition or second edition.
1st edition has rectangles for cards, and the cards are loose in the box. Only 12 good copies were made because they were print and cut by me, Ellen.
2nd edition has curved corners. They were print and cut by Print & Play Admagic. Some colors are of different shades.

You may mix up to 11 of these cards with the other based on the rules for different sized cards. All cards are the same size, but smaller than regular cards.

Cards may have scratches or imperfections, but they are not plastered with ink to begin with. All but 4 of the 48 cards have illustrations of some kind. Many are line drawings. I think the game is enjoyable even without much illustrations as my prototype is, but I decided to draw more. As there currently is only 48 different cards, I want people to be free to use their imagination, but some pictures are definitive.

I hope this will help your box to stay in good condition:
To open the box, cut, break or peel off the sticker holding it shut. Then, gently push up on one ledge and then the other, getting your finger underneath as much as possible so as not to bend the edges. Keep alternating and doing that gently until it opens, trying to equal out the height after raising it to one side.

Also, be sure not to close the box on the stuff inside the box.

Due to shipping costs and packaging, I ship only one per shipping cost. Please type "2nd package" or "3rd package" etc. if you go through the buying process more than once in a day.

1st edition is $13.99 and $5.00 shipping plus tax. Click the button below to buy with PayPal. Then, scroll down if checking out as a guest.

2nd edition is $15.00 and $5.10 shipping plus tax. It should be less than $21.80  Click the button below to buy with PayPal.

Note: There are approximately 32 strips in each box.
If you want help with or information about the rules click here.
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